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VIDEO in Motion is easy and safe for your BMW iDrive system

If you have a BMW F-series made from 07/2016 or G-series made from 07/2015 with a Professional iDrive system Headunit, then you know that you can watch TV/Video on your system only if the car is stationary . Security rules doesn't allow that.

Our solution can Fix your Headunit to see DVD/TV while driving.

*FscRetrofit is not responsable for any improper use of this service as it is intended for passengers onboard



  1. Send us your car vin (Last 7 digits) or check you car compatibility

  2. Prepare a USB stick FAT32 formatted

  3. Copy the file you got by email inside usb drive

  4. Insert USB drive into Usb port of your car (center console box)

  5. Wait 30 seconds and remove usb drive

  6. Hold headunit volume button until it reboot

    That's All, your Video In Motion is Ready!

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